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Thirty Years Experience In:

  • Incorporation

  • Limited / General Partnerships

  • Sole Proprietorship

  • Limited Liability Companies

  • C Corporations

  • Subchapter S Corporations

  • Joint Ventures  

  • Tax Planning

  • Financial Transactions

  • Contracts and Agreements

  • Buy - Sell Agreements

  • Mergers and  Dissolutions



Business Law

Our business and commercial practice provides a full complement of services to commercial and individual clients, including: business formation and planning, mergers, acquisitions, dissolutions, contracts, taxation planning, financing (secured and unsecured), and franchising.

These transactions require sophisticated legal representation and a detailed understanding of relevant legal concepts, which our firm has developed through thirty years of experience. 

Knowledgeable and experienced advice and counsel in structure and formation is essential for new business entities, corporations, partnerships & other business structures. We are skilled in advising on whether a new venture should be structured as a corporation, partnership, limited partnership or limited liability company, including the important implications for tax liabilities and exposure to personal liability for company contracts or lawsuits, and how these different structures provide varying degrees of flexibility in terms of management responsibilities and allocation of business profits and losses.

We can help you decide on the type of business structure most suitable for your specific circumstance.

We routinely assist in reviewing, negotiating and drafting any contract that an individual or corporate client is likely to encounter, including joint venture, shareholder and partnership agreements, purchase offer terms and conditions, employment agreements, equipment leases, loan agreements, and security agreements, and general business contracts for almost any industry.

Tax Planning  

The complexities of Federal and State tax laws are best negotiated by an experienced tax attorney.  In addition to his law degree, Mr. Lucas has a Masters of Law Degree in Taxation.

  • Structure transactions to minimize income taxes & estate taxes.          

  • Consider alternative business structuring in order to minimize taxes. 

  • Use charitable gifts or trusts to maximize tax advantages.


Avoiding dispute through considered strategic planning is always the goal of our firm.  But when unavoidable controversies arise, we are also capable and experienced in litigation. We are skilled at drafting necessary documentation to assert and protect your claims, and we are experienced in preparing appropriate releases and settlement agreements.  We will skillfully handle your negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation - striving to ensure the highest quality of legal representation.

Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss how we can assist your business with all of its organizational and planning needs:

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