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Estate Planning

Estate Planning involves using the law to your best advantage, in order to provide for the proper, easy and orderly management of your affairs and the disposition of your property after death, or at the time of incapacity. Utilizing an experienced attorney to conduct your Estate Planning ensures:

  • The right people will receive the correct property at the proper time;

  • Probate will be avoided whenever possible and appropriate;

  • Charitable/special gifts can be made;

  • Taxes will be minimized;

  • Every opportunities to protect assets will be fully maximized.

     These are just some of the documents that we can draft for you,
in order to help you with your estate planning:

  • Last Will and Testaments

  • Living or Revocable Trusts

  • Durable Power of Attorney

  • Health Care Power of Attorney

  • Patient Advocate Designation (Living Will)

Avoiding Probate

Considered estate planning ensures that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes in the most timely & cost-effective manner. By properly employing living trusts and joint ownership help you and your heirs avoid the long delays and substantial expense of going through Probate. There are also many tax benefits to avoiding Probate, & your Estate will not have to be approved and administered by the Probate Court. We will make sure that "your affairs are in order" and that your assets pass to your heirs & loved ones quickly, easily, with the greatest tax savings, and least expense, when the time comes.

Read more about living trusts and joint ownership by clicking here.

Elder Law:
Medicare & Medicaid Planning

Mr. Lucas will assist you in protecting your home and other assets, and safe-guarding your heirs' inheritance, while maximizing the benefits you may be eligible for under Medicare and Medicaid, including nursing home and long-term care benefits. Coordinating your benefits while protecting your assets is a complex area of the law that requires "planning ahead". Call today to begin addressing this important issue.

Contested Estates

Avoiding disputes regarding estates and inheritance through considered strategic planning is always the goal of our firm. But when unfortunate disagreements do arise among heirs, we are aggressive and experienced in litigation. We will skillfully handle your negotiation or litigation in a contested Estate, ensuring you rapid resolution, and striving to provide the highest quality of legal representation & the best possible results.  

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